Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lands End Cotton Model Button Turtleneck (aka camel is not my colour...)

As I said in the last post, when I got back to my parents house for the holidays, I ended up with a ton of stuff that I had ordered. It actually felt a bit overwhelming and I think necessitates a shopping hiatus for a while...

But, one of the things I ordered was the Lands End Cotton Modal Button Turtleneck (available here in limited sizes and a similar style here in a full colour/size range). I couldn't resist...they were $14.99 and provided a great ride-along to some gifts I bought for Christmas. I got a black and a camel colour. 

This was supposed to be my alternative to the J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck - I wanted to be able to layer with this tee but also wear it on its own, and let's be honest...I have too many lumps and bumps in the tummy area to wear tissue tees on their own. The LE Button Turtleneck actually looks a lot like I would think the Woolly Ribbed Turtleneck looks like (that one is mostly sold out) but a tee knit, not a sweater knit.

Fit: I ordered a small and that is definitely the right size. The perfect size, actually. For example,  I'm normally a J. Crew 8 although I can often fit into 6's at other stores  for tops (i.e. Talbots). I think LE small is a 6-8, though, so it makes sense. Essentially, though, if you're smaller than a 4 - you're out as it only goes down to XS. Fit is great - it actually fits like it does on the model! Nice and fitted, nipped in the waist, hits at low hip, sleeves are form-fitting but not tight. Well-made, nice and thin knit (but not too thin - not going to get holes or anything) that's really stretchy and comfy!

Style: Some of the key features of this top are the button cuffs and the scrunch neck. In case you can't tell from the pic, there is a ruched neck which is nice (you don't have to fold it over). The buttons are less nice...I have to say they almost (but not quite) ruin the shirt. The black buttons aren't so bad, but they look a little cheesy on the camel. Other than that, though, its a great basic layering or just casual turtleneck tee!

 On a side you can see from the pictures, camel is just NOT my colour unfortunately. Although the lighting here is very yellow, you can see in the bottom close-up shot what the true colour of the shirt is. What can I do to make this shirt better for me? Even layering a more flattering colour might not work given that the neck is right at my face...

Detail Shots:
This is the true camel colour
Black buttons

I'll be posting my J. Crew GIFTS promo photo reviews soon too - but just as a teaser...The highlight of the order was definitely the Factory Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt (or as I explained it to my boyfriend - "the sweatershirt"). Solid Colours  and Stripes available in a full range of sizes on the J. Crew Factory Store Online for $49.50 and $59.50 respectively. I got a Mustard colour solid and the Ivory/Navy Stripe and I love them...well made (it seems), nice light merino wool (ivory is a titch sheer) with a flattering style. I missed the original Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt so I'm glad I grabbed these up after seeing it all over the blogosphere...if you didn't grab any when they were retail, or like the idea of the stripes, take advantage of the 30% off factory right now! Or get into your Crewlet and see if you can find them cheaper than $50.

This pic is a little bit of the Ivory/Navy Stripe sweater plus my adorable Yorkshire Terrier. 

Did anyone see the Factory Merino Boyfriends IRL as compared to the Retail Merino Boyfriends? I'd love to know if they compare in your eyes...


  1. Love the button cuffs! And you yorkie is TOOOO CUTE!!!


  2. I haven't seen the factory version of the sweatshirt. Your pooch is adorable!