Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lands End Luxe Down Coat Review (and a few others!)

I received my coat a while ago, but I could not find my camera charger and then it was, here we are. The Luxe Down Coat has been getting a lot of wear from me lately given that it has been very cold here! 

I ship everything to my parents house (its a long story...but essentially my real apartment is the blackhole of shipping by courier. Not only do couriers not even try to knock on my door, instead of just leaving a shipping notice on my mailbox in another building, I don't have a car so it is impossible to get to the Purolator/UPS/whatever depot during the 9-5 hours they are open. I've had several things sent back and now I just ship to my parents) so, when I go home, it means that I get a pile up of awesome presents from myself! 

This time, I got two turtlenecks from LE and my GIFTS promo order. GIFTS reviews to come, but LE turtlenecks will be in the next post. 

The Details:

Lands End Luxe Down Coat (available here) - $179.50 (I paid just over $115 I think given that Lands End sales are easy to come by)

There are limited regular sizes/colours left at this point, but I would assume they will come back into stock at some point. It also comes in petite and plus. 

With belt tied and hood up
Fit: I got the Spice Brown in a medium (which is a 10-12). It is TTS if you consider the numeric sizing. While I wouldn't normally consider a medium a 10-12 (in my mind it's an 8-10 or even sometimes a 6-8), this is definitely a size 10-12. For me, my hips are often a 10 and this fits well/slightly loose in the hips and quite loose on the top, although the arms are comfortable. It's not too big, its just big enough to layer a sweater or hoodie and to move around. You don't want to look like you're poured into a winter coat right? My mom also ordered a LE Coat (the Chevron Down Coat) this winter. Her normal size is XS tops, or 4 petite. She ordered an XS petite (numerical size 2-4) and it fits well. 

Style: It's a nice coat. It gives me the feeling - although its entirely possible that feeling is just warmth! The only part of this coat that sucks is that I wanted grey but it sold out. The brown is a medium chocolate brown - the picture of the hood at the bottom of the page shows the colour most accurately. It has a slight sheen to the fabric. the belt cinches the coat nicely and adds a stylish touch and the fake fur hood is cute. I don't feel like I can't go out in this fact, I want to go out in it because its so warm. 

Side view
Quality: This coat is both incredibly warm (tested to -25 Celsius for me) and has a ton of well-made details that really speak to the quality. I've included some detail shots of the buttons, fleece cuffs and the hood but I'll talk about them for a minute. The cuffs are lined with tighter fleece cuffs - provides comfort and warmth. The pockets hit at the right height and they're lined with fleece and not zippered - again comfort and warmth. I hate brushing my wrists against zippers when my hands are in my pockets. The down seems quality and the whole coat is light but has a feel of good construction.
With belt removed

All in all - I'm a huge fan of this coat and can't believe I went so long in the frozen north without a down coat! Highly recommend Lands End service and quality!

Detail Pics:

Fleece cuffs

Button detail

Hood/true colour

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  1. Lucky you for getting one of these before they sold out. I wanted it in white and it was gone! Thanks for the review. I am hoping it pops back. It's a gorgeous coat and looks fantastic on you.