Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favourite Gifts

Inspired by FFM's post here I decided to blog about a list of my favourite things/best gifts I ever received. 

1. J. Crew Cashmere Zip-up Hoodie (here)
I have the heather grey from last year - it was a Christmas gift from my lovely mother and it is absolutely my favourite item in my closet. I wear is as loungewear most of the time - the cashmere is gorgeously soft and I love grey. It's versatile, though since its a sweater rather than a sweatshirt, and I don't feel bad going out with it and my jeans. It's incredibly warm and snuggly, I even sleep in it when it's cold! My usual J. Crew medium is slouchy but a good fit, although I could have gotten a small.

2. L.L. Bean Boat Tote - Medium sized Open Top w/ Long Handles (here)
I don't remember if this was a gift from someone else or a gift to myself, but I have the red with the long handles. I love this bag. It fits a ton of stuff, it is incredibly sturdy and its cute (I have a monogram). It's great as a beach bag, gym bag, school bag in the medium size. The large with the zip top could be a weekender, and the small could be a lunch bag! I think this is a classic and at such a good price, you could use it to wrap a present for someone special!

3. Pearl Necklace
This again was a gift from my mother for university graduation perhaps? My strand is about 18" of Akoya pearls in your classic size (7mm?). I wear it constantly and anytime when I am channeling either a professional or preppy vibe. I was in a sorority and I think owning pearls was a requirement or something! I am looking to expand my collection and get a strand of black pearls as well as a rope length strand (that can be doubled/tripled/knotted) and maybe even some baroque pearls for when I'm feeling dangerous.

4. Stila Travel Palette (here
This was a gift to myself but its lovely and a great stocking stuffer price for any ladies in your life ($13 CAD). I have the "Make an Impression in Moscow" palette which includes pinky browns and a light blue with a pale cream blush/lipcolour. It looks good on my pale skin and I've always been impressed with the quality of Stila's palettes. 

5. Bath and Body Works Shower Gels (here)
Way before Bath and Body works came to Canada, 
I was given one of these as a gift from an American friend and I loved it. I know a lot of people can't wear perfume to work but a scented body wash is a great way to wake up in the morning, and they always have festive scents, which I get really in to!

6. Leather Jacket - I own a greige leather jacket from Danier Leather in a classic jacket style similar to this one
A birthday present from my SO, my jacket is one of my favourite items (I love wearing it with my grey cashmere hoodie on slummy days).  I think the loveliest presents are those that are classic, timeless items made with quality craftsmanship so they will last a long time. This jacket is well-made and timeless, I think, so that everytime I wear it, I think of the wonderful BF who bought it for me. 

7. Tassimo Home Brewing System (here)

This was a housewarming gift from my mother (again! she gives the best gifts - probably because I am her only child so I know she spends days and days finding lovelies for me). My tassimo is my favourite thing in the world and I could not live without it. If you are just one or two in your house who drink coffee, or even one who likes coffee, the other likes tea or a specialty drink, this is perfect for you. You buy discs, it reads the barcode and spits out your drink in about 30 seconds. I know there are various types of these systems out there but now Tassimo's are on the less expensive end. I find the selection of discs good and they are carried in Walmart and all major and minor grocery stores so it is easy to get - this is a huge factor. I do not want a special stop when I run out of coffee!

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