Sunday, December 5, 2010

J. Crew GIFTS Promo Haul

Procrastinating law school exams has not helped me stay away from blogs or from the J. Crew website. It definitely didn't help me resist the newest promo - 30% off $250 and free shipping! I got a great haul that I'm really excited about for $370 (taxes, duties all in) which is pretty would be easy to drop that much in the mall, and this is for things I've really thought about wanting for a while. 

Without further ado...

1. Factory Merino Boyfriend Sweatershirt - I missed out on the merino boyfriend sweatshirt trend and then was jealous from all the blogs, I'm hoping the outlet version will be as nice. I got the Dijon Mustard colour (hoping it'll be like honey glaze) and the Ivory and Navy striped version. 
2. Dulphine Bling Button Cardigan - I got myself one in vivid poppy as I sadly do not have a red cardigan despite loving red and one for my mom as a small gift in black pine (I think she'll like the colour - she tends to go for grey and black and this might be a nice slightly different neutral alternative). She doesn't like heavy sweaters for work either since her workplace is always heated like crazy, and this should be a nice one for her. Bought her x-small and myself medium based on the reviews online. 

3. Dazzling Deer Art Tee - Got myself this in M. I just kept picturing myself wearing it at Christmas and I couldn't get the image out of my mind.

4. Cambridge Cable Shawl Collar Cardigan - Got myself a medium in Nightfall Blue, which looks like an absolutely gorgeous colour that'll be great with my winter colouring. I love cable knits and shawl collars so I know I'll love this baby. Price doesn't hurt either!

5. Stretch vintage Bootcut Cords - ordered a 31R in these, although I'm worried it might be a touch big. I am always questionable on J. Crew bottoms. But I saw these styled in a catalog somewhere or something and couldn't get over how great the colour was. 
6. Wool Bell Skirt - Got it in heather aluminum in a size 10...hoping this will allow me to wear at the hips for length if need be although I do not mind shorter skirts (my legs being my better features). I'm also hoping this won't turn out to be an orphan skirt, but rather something I am able to incorporate into my wardrobe more consistently.

7. Leopard Patent Belt - I'm very excited about this for $13.99! Thinking it will be great with the above skirt and a longer high waisted one I have in black. 

8. Some gifts for my SO who occasionally reads this so they will not be mentioned!

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  1. It looks like you picked up some great items! I've been wanting that leopard belt--it is amazing how versatile it is. I'm curious to know how the wool bell skirt works out!