Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Dr. Scholl's For Her Heel Liners

I have about the lowest tolerance for foot pain of anyone I know. Therefore, I live in flip flops for approximately 8 months of the year (and p.s. I do not live in a temperate climate by any means) and UGGs for as much of the rest of the year as possible. 

Unfortunately for me, I haven't chosen a profession that has accepted flip flops or UGGs as footwear choices for the workplace...yet. Ever. :( So I am always on the look out for comfort enhancing measures and comfortable shoes. My newest shoe love is Sofft brand heels - they are by far the most cushioned, balanced shoes I've had. The heel feels incredibly sturdy, and the footbed is one of the only ones that doesn't cause me ball of foot pain within a new hours. 

My newest comfort-enhancing measure is heel liners. I bought a pair of incredibly cheap but incredibly cute flats not too long ago and wore them for a few hours to come home to shredded, bloody heels. (Sorry) The results of those 2 hours plagued me for a few weeks as I desperately tried to find shoes that didn't rub on those places on my heels. It sucked. Now that the heels are healed (lol)...I would like to be able to wear the flats again. 

Dr. Scholl's For Her Heel Liners -(here - I paid $6.99 CDN at Superstore)
These are essentially thin curved pieces of soft plastic that stick in the backs of the shoe. They are supposed to both prevent rubbing/pain on the heels and to help heels not slip out of shoes. 

First of all, they stick on well and don't seem to be going anywhere. They're fairly thin and unless a shoe is already tight, they don't change the fit a lot...although they seem to be making my cheap flats widen out a little bit when they are on the foot. 

In terms of preventing rubbing, they're great. They have totally transformed the back of my cheap flats - they had rough edges that rubbed before and now with the liners in, the backs are smooth and soft and comfortable. 

In terms of preventing heel slip...they're ok. I always have the issue that heels that fit with bare feet slip at the backs when I wear nylons. So I put these in a pair of high heels that slip for interview week because not only does slipping look sloppy but I find it causes foot pain and tiredness because I tend to grab with my toes in order to combat the slipping. They do an okay job of preventing slipping - more because they add grip but I still found that as the day went on, I got a bit of slipping in my smaller foot. 

Overall, I'd give these a 3 star (***) or merino rating. They're good, they're cheap and if you buy shoes that cut your feet, they will stop that, for cheaper than it costs to actually buy decently made shoes. They may also help the nylon slipping problem for you, but I'm not guaranteeing it. 


This outfit really needs something else - I think a blazer in a nice fall colour would have been just the thing.


Shirt: Black Mexx Cowl-Neck top (gift)
Pants: Joe Fresh Ankle Skinny Cords in grey ($19 at Superstore!)
Shoes: Joe Fresh Patent Flats ($15? at Superstore)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

J. Crew Final Sale - oops

As I've said...I rarely go to the trouble of returning online orders anyway, especially those from American companies, unless there is an actual huge problem. Therefore, J. Crew final sale is wonderful for me (especially with the Free Shipping) because I end up saving a lot by giving up a return priviledge I don't use anyway.

Unfortunately...I bit hard on final sale this time.

Here's my recently purchased cart:

Rimini Cardigan ($34.99 with 30% off) - Cobblestone, size M (here)
Oh how I've wanted you for so long, dear Rimini. Thanks to a stressful week that finally made me actually purchase something from J. Crew! I'm pretty excited about this baby...it's been on my wishlist for a long time. For $35...it's definitely worth it. I would easily spend that much on a crappy sweater at H&M. 

Tulipe Cami ($48.99) - Olive Moss, size 8
I've been looking at this one for a long time. I'm liking olive for fall, and this is a darker one from the looks of things. Also, I have an unhealthy love of cowl necks and of camis (for wearing under cardigans, natch). Hoping this one works out.

Calista Cami ($27.99) - Dark Rosewood, size 8
Mmmm...dark rosewood. This is going to be a great colour for me (I'm a winter) plus I love the really strong pleated neck going on. I think it'll be a winner under my black suit or even a grey suit for interview week. Although, I feel my drycleaning bill going up just looking at this order. Meh.

Bettina Cami ($13.99) - Dried Rose, size 8
I was eyeing the olive for a long time but it sold out since the beginning of the MUSTHAVE promo. Ah well. I bought the Dried Rose since it's so incredibly cheap (Old Navy T-shirt price cheap) and it'll handwash - or more likely go in the machine. Plus not having the olive made me go for the Tulipe. Moar shopping. I imagine wearing this under...a navy cardigan? Hmmm...am somewhat regretting the purchase now that I think about the colour. But whatevs. It'll match something.

Lace Panel Tee ($10.49) - Windsor Grey, size M
Again, Old Navy prices. Looked cute. Was somewhat swayed by the grey - I don't own a grey tee...don't know how that's possible but I don't. I have a deep seated love of grey anyway so this'll be great under black cardis. Potentially also under a blazer...have to evaluate the dressiness of it when it's here.

Dream Draped V Neck Sweater ($34.99) - Black, size M
I had the olive colour in my cart and it sold out before I actually completed check-out. Lovely. Picked black instead after evaulating the fact that I do not own a non-button black sweater. Or not one I like at least. I think perhaps the Calista will look good with it. Also think it'll look great with jeans, grey pants and the new grey cords I picked up at Joe Fresh for $19 dollars Canadian. You Americans are so unlucky when it comes to lack of Joe Fresh-ness. Could I belt this sweater?

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the Merino and Mohair Shawl Sweater to go on FS - hopefully during the next promo. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Talbots Fitting Room Pics and Reviews

I finally got up the courage to step into a Talbots, thanks mostly to the recent reviews from Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping and Rose of 1 More Shopping Blog . I'm in my 20's and while my style is a little more mature, most of my friends would laugh me out of town for wanting to hit up Talbots. But today I was shopping with a friend with a more professional, classic style and she didn't mind that I wanted to head in and check it out. 

Overall, the store was quite busy despite the fact that on a weekday morning, the mall itself was quite deserted. I guess the older crowd that seemed to be in Talbots shops weekday mornings. There seemed to only be 2 associates and while they were quite happy to start me a fitting room, they were a little flustered over all. I was particularly looking for this blouse (which now that I look, says is web only...duh), the one pictured at right. I love silk blouses but silk button downs usually don't do it for me due to gaping. This looked like the perfect under suit layer. I'm likely going to order in online now that I have an idea of Talbots sizing too. I'll be ordering a 6 regular, although I would normally get an 8 from most stores.

I did try a few things on in the store that I had been eyeing on the website.

First up, Talbots Ruffled Shirt (here) - Size 6 regular in ivory. US price: $79.50, Canadian price: $109.50 (WTF!)

The only reason I didn't go home with this lovely blouse was its price. $110 (plus an additional 13% sales tax) is a lot of money for a blouse, and especially for the ruffle/button up style that is so popular this year. I know I could get something similar for $50...likely less. I may order it online depending on the duties/taxes/shipping I would have to pay, but $80 American...which with exchange would only be marginally more, is just way more reasonable for this item.

Otherwise, I loved this blouse. The ivory colour was perfect, the ruffles soft and looked like they would stay in good condition. The buttons were nice (cloth-covered if I remember correctly) and the silk was soft and felt quality. It was a bit thin and sheer in the ivory, but nothing a cami wouldn't fix. The size 6 was quite perfect for me, even over the bust (34C), which is a size smaller than my normal size/J. Crew size. 
Edited to Add: The more I look at this blouse, the more I want it. It really was perfect. Also, the ruffles at the neck (very J. Crew) were very architectural and nice.

Next, Talbots Kate Fit Boiled Wool Lady Jacket  pictured at right (here) - size 6 regular. US Price: $199, Canadian Price...$220???

I wanted to love this. I loved it online and in the lookbook. And I loved it on the hanger. But on me...it does me no favours. Maybe I should have tried an 8...but the fit just felt boxy. The arms felt too loose and the length not quite right. I did LOOOOVE the collar and the pockets and the boiled wool was quite nice. There are some this may work for better than it worked for me. Also $200 is a bit much for me to spend on a blazer...if it had a matching skirt, I would have maybe gotten it as a suit. 

Talbots Tweed Sheath (here) - size 8P. US Price: $169. Canadian Price: $209?

This was a bit tight, I would have gone with a 10P - the P length was great for me at 5"6. I didn't try on an 8 regular as there wasn't one in the store. It hit right above the knee. This was a nice dress - would look amazing under a black blazer. It was fully lined and the tweed had a LOT of stretch - it would be very comfortable. There was also nice detailing around the high neck. If I had a good excuse to buy this, I would. And still might. But it's not interview wear...and it is very "day" so I couldn't justify $200 on it. 

Talbots Ombre Dot Blouse (here) - size S. US Sale Price: $49.99, Canadian Sale Price: $69.99.

Really have to wonder what's up with the US/Canadian price differences here. I will likely be ordering anything online in the future, since I don't think even with duties, I will pay as much as in store in Canada. 

Anyway, this blouse was a disaster. I would have needed an EXTRA SMALL! Ladies, I am in no way an extra small...in anything, anywhere. It was boxy, it hit at the wrong place on my hip and although I loved the pattern/material/cute buttons up the back/cute little collar...I wouldn't have bought this for free. Looking at the picture makes me want to die. 

Edited to Add: There was a LOT of denim in the store in general. I didn't try any on...but I'm interested in some of the trouser jeans for sure.