Saturday, October 16, 2010

J. Crew Final Sale - oops

As I've said...I rarely go to the trouble of returning online orders anyway, especially those from American companies, unless there is an actual huge problem. Therefore, J. Crew final sale is wonderful for me (especially with the Free Shipping) because I end up saving a lot by giving up a return priviledge I don't use anyway.

Unfortunately...I bit hard on final sale this time.

Here's my recently purchased cart:

Rimini Cardigan ($34.99 with 30% off) - Cobblestone, size M (here)
Oh how I've wanted you for so long, dear Rimini. Thanks to a stressful week that finally made me actually purchase something from J. Crew! I'm pretty excited about this's been on my wishlist for a long time. For $'s definitely worth it. I would easily spend that much on a crappy sweater at H&M. 

Tulipe Cami ($48.99) - Olive Moss, size 8
I've been looking at this one for a long time. I'm liking olive for fall, and this is a darker one from the looks of things. Also, I have an unhealthy love of cowl necks and of camis (for wearing under cardigans, natch). Hoping this one works out.

Calista Cami ($27.99) - Dark Rosewood, size 8
Mmmm...dark rosewood. This is going to be a great colour for me (I'm a winter) plus I love the really strong pleated neck going on. I think it'll be a winner under my black suit or even a grey suit for interview week. Although, I feel my drycleaning bill going up just looking at this order. Meh.

Bettina Cami ($13.99) - Dried Rose, size 8
I was eyeing the olive for a long time but it sold out since the beginning of the MUSTHAVE promo. Ah well. I bought the Dried Rose since it's so incredibly cheap (Old Navy T-shirt price cheap) and it'll handwash - or more likely go in the machine. Plus not having the olive made me go for the Tulipe. Moar shopping. I imagine wearing this under...a navy cardigan? somewhat regretting the purchase now that I think about the colour. But whatevs. It'll match something.

Lace Panel Tee ($10.49) - Windsor Grey, size M
Again, Old Navy prices. Looked cute. Was somewhat swayed by the grey - I don't own a grey tee...don't know how that's possible but I don't. I have a deep seated love of grey anyway so this'll be great under black cardis. Potentially also under a blazer...have to evaluate the dressiness of it when it's here.

Dream Draped V Neck Sweater ($34.99) - Black, size M
I had the olive colour in my cart and it sold out before I actually completed check-out. Lovely. Picked black instead after evaulating the fact that I do not own a non-button black sweater. Or not one I like at least. I think perhaps the Calista will look good with it. Also think it'll look great with jeans, grey pants and the new grey cords I picked up at Joe Fresh for $19 dollars Canadian. You Americans are so unlucky when it comes to lack of Joe Fresh-ness. Could I belt this sweater?

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the Merino and Mohair Shawl Sweater to go on FS - hopefully during the next promo. 

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  1. Oh, you will love the Rimini cardigan! Search for it on my blog for pics!