Saturday, January 8, 2011

OOTD: Cozy in Fair-Isle

It's not even that cold today...I just checked and its only -10 celsius. But I was in one of the moods where I needed to be snuggly warm all day. If it wasn't brought on by the weather, it was definitely brought on by the fact that I spent my day trying to plan a trip somewhere warm in February (therefore thinking about the cold) and simultaneously trying to research a really boring aspect of Competition Law (therefore leading me to want to snuggle up in blankets and nap instead). 

So this is my dear BF commented a few times on it, which is pretty rare. First he asked where I got the sweater then later he randomly looked up at me and said he "liked the look" of the sweater with the turtleneck. (I think it was just because he approved of the price!)

Lord...I am not a photographer
Turtleneck: LE Cotton Modal Button Turtleneck - $14.99 USD (similar LE style available here, reviewed by me in this post) in Size S, black
Sweater: Old Navy Fair Isle Tie-Belt Wrap Cardigan - I paid $13 CAD in store for the last remaining one on Boxing Day (and got a Flip HD Ultra camera but that's another story). It's still available in the US online here for $34.95 USD or it may be in your local store...likely in limited sizes. I got a small - it runs on the big size of TTS.
Pants: Lululemon Groove Pants  - $98 CAD (available here in the flare style I'm wearing and also here in a relaxed fit and here in a slim leg version). If you're Canadian, you know about Lululemon. If you're American and you don't...check it out right now. These are THE best yoga pants around. They deal with muffin top, they make your butt look amazing, they last forever and they are comfy for lounging, working out, running or yoga. They're expensive but worth it - in fact, all of my work out gear is from this store. These pants are from...I'm going to say 2005 but it could be 2006. They are probably the only thing in my wardrobe from this time. That's gotta be a testament to something about them, right? (Word of warning...don't pair these with UGGs and a TNA brand coat from Aritzia if you plan on standing out though!)

Detail shot of the sweater!


  1. You look stylish and comfy, which I think it's often attempted but rarely achieved. I don't have any Lulu gear, have my contingent of Nike crops (courtesy of Costco) for my workout wear. It's funny that you've seen the "uniform" in TO too. On the West Coast it's a pandemic, Lulu's + Aritzia/TNA jacket or sweater + Uggs everywhere, downtown, all days of the week, any time of day. Uggs are no good in the rainy weather and I seriously don't know why people would wear them out in the wet. Just my 2c :P

  2. Great cardigan! I love he pattern very much. I can't have enough of cardigans lately, they are soooo cozy and can make any outfit cool and effortless, aren't they?