Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Talbots Online Order!

Talbots has some loooooow prices going on on-line at the moment. I had intended to hit up the mall this weekend as I need to get my watch sized but its cold and we got a ton more snow last night, so I'm very much feeling just sitting inside in the warmth and going nowhere.

I decided to do some online shopping instead - J. Crew's 40% Final Sale/Free Ship couldn't really tempt me. Would I like some of the items? Yes. Am I all that tempted to add a few more dry clean only camis in winter colours or blazers to my wardrobe? No. Thank god. 

Instead, I looked up Talbots online. 50% sale prices and if you "like" Talbots on Facebook, you get an additional 10% AND free shipping! Pretty nice. I picked up some wardrobe staples and a few fun little items, all for great prices. Now, they didn't add sales tax or duty, so I'm assuming either I will owe UPS when they deliver it or (hopefully) just go into the post office and pay Canada Post. We'll see but I'll risk it just this once.

The Ponte Knit V Back Sheath - $35.54 with discount (available here)
I got black in a size 10P because I just couldn't resist the price. It is final sale, but hey...I have tried on dresses at Talbots before. The 8P was a little too body skimming a few pounds I think the 10P will work. The length is 22 inches from the waist on the petite. That is definitely long enough for me, and I know the regular length would have covered my knees which I don't like.

The Watercolor Plaid Cardigan - $22.03 with discount (available here)
This one looks pretty cute! I haven't seen it IRL but I was excited since the colours definitely look more spring than winter so I should be able to wear it this summer in the office. Got a small in this one as my shirt size has tended to be a small at Talbots. 

The Scarf Neck Sweater - $23.84 with discount (available here)
I really like sweaters with sleeves this length. I don't know why...but I do. Also excited about the lovely lavender colour that'll be totally spring and summer appropriate. That is one thing about Talbots. Yes, they don't have the amazing rich colours of J. Crew but they do have some colours all year around making it way easier to shop the sales for off-season merchandise. Got a small in this one too. 
Knit Wrap Dress - $49.49 with discount (available here)
I picked this up in the grey in a Petite medium. 
Took a small chance on the sizing in this but since I was looking at a 10P in other dresses (and confirmed this IRL) I decided on the medium. I'm I just didn't want to take a chance. It looks very ladylike and for $50, its a staple for my wardrobe. 

Flower Charm Necklace - $17.74 with discount (available here
This one was in the outlet, not sale section. I am trying to incorporate more accessories into my life and this seemed to fit the bill. I know it is quite summer-y with the white beads, but I am happy to wait until then to wear it. 

Anyone else planning on buying anything from Talbots during this latest sale? Make sure to "like" them on Facebook for an additional discount!


  1. Woe is me. I took advantage of both the sales offered by Jcrew and Talbots. The deals were too good to pass up. Can't wait to see your outfits IRL.

  2. I think you chose some great items. The watercolor plaid cardigan does look very cute. I am very tempted to buy some of the scarves I see on sale. Thanks for sharing the FB offer--I had no idea! I can't wait to see your outfits, too!

  3. Those look like some really good scores. Love that black sheath!

  4. I skipped the JC sale as well. Do I reeeeally need more cardi's or art tees? nope! Good Tal picks, please post reviews when you get your delivery! Excited for you :)