Wednesday, January 26, 2011

25% Cardis at Talbots (Prices as Marked)

I still haven't received my online order yet (slightly concerning but given that Talbots orders seem to take forever, I'm not yet worried. I do live in the wilds of the great North after all.) I've been checking out the Talbots Facebook page lately (which is a wealth of information almost to the point of the Mothership for JCAs) and noticed that all their cardis are 25% off in store and online. 

New? charming cardigan
As we all know...I can't resist a cardi (and my almost daily outfits consist of jeans, a tank of some sort and a cardi) so I thought I'd check out the offerings online. Prices are as marked and the sale goes on until February 9th! (So a good long time to check out the offerings - maybe hit up a store and try some on!). 

Talbots is on the pricey side at full price but the 25% brings it about in line with what I would be willing to pay. 

First up, it looks like they have updated their "Charming Cardigan" (similar to J. Crew Jackie and LE Canvas Heritage) to be more like the Jackie! WOOOO! Or maybe their spring cardis always have 3/4 sleeves?

It now features 3/4 sleeves and looks like a bit more of a cropped silhouette. I like! I hate full sleeves on lighter sweaters and they always just get stretched because I constantly push them up. 3/4 is much more flattering IMO. 

Rolled Edge Boyfriend
It's available here in all sorts of yummy colours for $46.87 - check out the really great periwinkle colour and even the tangerine above. As a winter, I'm a huge fan of saturated bright colours - I can only do so much muddiness (looking at you J. Crew). 

Also looking great is the Rolled Edge Boyfriend Cardigan. 
(The outfit is great too!) Also available in a range of great colours (although more muted) - I like the Sweet Almond - it is on sale for $59.62 here. This price is a bit much - but I'd like to see the quality before judging. 

Another favourite of mine is the Tipped Cardigan. I love the grey/ivory and sweet almond/ivory combos! It's available here for $66.75. I love the shape and the contrast - this would be a great dressed up work cardi IMO. 

What about you? Looking at any Talbots cardis during this sale? There's also free shipping and returns on shoes and the Red Hangar sale is still going on!


  1. I picked up a few cardigans on the cheap last weekend, and have fallen in love. Have you found the cardigans to vary in size between styles or do they style rather consistent?

    Thanks! :)

  2. (breathless) Cardigans! I'll HAVE to swing by a B&M to try some out now. Haven't looked at their site/catalog for new spring items yet, but will mosey on right over and check things out. :D

  3. Elle - thanks for stopping by! Of the cardigans from Talbots I've seems pretty consistent (for tops in general) - but definitely size down. I don't have size consistency between tops and dresses or pants though!

    Closet Crisis - Haha that is pretty much my reaction to any and all cute cardis! Ya I need to stop by the store...although the store closest to me doesn't have the greatest selection plus the staff/customers seem to be more old school Talbots...I feel odd sometimes!

  4. I think I will skip this cardi sale. I have more than enough from JC.

  5. Hi!! I'm interested in ordering the watercolour print cardigan you bought a while back from Talbots. Did you receive it? Would you reccommend it to a fellow cardigan fan? How did it fit?