Sunday, February 27, 2011

Belated Talbots Reviews (aka I finally got my Red Hanger Sale order!)

It took me forever to get this post up (I wrote most of it but never posted it) but a few weeks ago I got my Talbots sale order and I really wanted to post the reviews for anyone interested in trying out Talbots!

I finally got the Talbots order I placed in January - my Red Hangar sale picks. Despite the 5 week shipping time...which is really a) unacceptable and b) horrible business practice. If I had received this order two weeks, or even a week earlier, I would have totally bought more things on the Red Hanger Sale! Taking 5 weeks to ship an order...even to just ridiculous. But it turned out to be quite a bit cheaper than it would have been to buy in Canada. The exchange rate is obviously pretty sweet right now, plus the Free Shipping helped things along. 
Watercolour Plaid Cardigan - size small

Without further ado, here are my new clothes:

Watercolour Plaid Cardigan - size small (still available here)
I like this one - it's a great fit in the small, whereas I am a J. Crew medium, so definitely size down in cardis. I have it paired here with the Bettina in the rose colour which I really like - I had a lot of good tops to pair with this one. Definitely a springy-easter colourway but it's a sort of "fuzzy" winter knit (i.e. not a cotton). The buttons are super cute - metal and a pinky coloured crystal.

Scarf-Neck Sweater - size small (available here)

This one was okay...nice material, well made - cute "scarf" detail but definitely a little matronly. It fits me well, but it is definitely a tad short and the sleeves are a long short sleeve, not my favourite length (I was hoping they'd be a bit longer). Still it was about $20 and I'm sure I'll put it under a suit a few times. I think if I tucked it in, I wouldn't be so worried about the length. 

Ponte Knit V-Back Dress - size 10P (here)

I love this dress! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. It is incredibly classic, fits me perfectly, is a little bit sexy (it has a v-back that I couldn't get a good picture of, but it's nice - not low cut enough to show bra at all but just a bit of sexiness) and is really well made. The fabric is a very thick knit that doesn't show any bumps and is really soft and comfortable as well. I would have happily paid what I paid for the whole order just for this one alone. 

Note on sizing - I took the 10P which was perfect - the sleeves were more bracelet length but the length of the dress was just above the knee. I wouldn't have wanted a regular 8, it would have been much too long. 

Knit Wrap Dress - size PM (available here)
This dress is nice - a thin wool knit, not jersey, so it doesn't show bumps. Quite a full wrap skirt - no possibility of any wardrobe malfunction. I don't like the collar - I think it would look better without, and it's a little "matronly" on me but I think it's a nice wardrobe basic for a good price. Might have been able to get the Petite Small, but the Medium is fine. One great thing - nice high neckline! No cami required for this one. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics! You look great in your new pretties!

  2. Talbots ships to Canada!? Why am I just finding out about this now. Off I go shopping.