Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lands End Canvas Heritage Cardigan Review

This summer, LE Canvas had a pretty amazing (50% I think it was) percent off sale. I ended up buying several things, in particular two Heritage Cardigans hoping they would be Jackies without the high price. I got them for 23$ US each I believe. They are still available here at $20.99 for select colours and $39.50 for the newer fall colours. I bought mediums in white and chocolate brown, which is a medium brown and a good neutral, I find.

I have to say that the Heritage cardi is not my favourite cardigan in my closet. I have found that I much prefer 3/4 sleeves on cardigans, and this is a long (quite long) sleeved cardigan. It also fits large - I think maybe if I bought a small I would've been happier, but I am very rarely a small. Compared to the J. Crew Jackie (here), which is my holy grail of cardigans, it is a LOT bigger. And I know the Jackie fits small, but there is a big size discrepancy. 

This is a picture of my Fall 08/Winter 09 (old) Jackie sitting on top of my Heritage in white (and my dog's legs) and below just the Heritage Cardigan. You can see the inch and a half on either side! Also the sleeves are significantly wider. Length is about the same although I find maybe because of the fit on me, the Jackie feels shorter. I also find the LE Heritage cardigan fits boxier, probably because it's a touch big on me. I'll be honest...this Jackie barely buttons. But I don't button cardis usually anyway, so I love its fit. It is my favourite cardigan in my closet for colour and fit. I also find the Jackie looks "dressier" than the LE Heritage cardigan. Maybe it's the sleeves or the cropped fit, maybe it's the tighter weave or the pearl stick out buttons as opposed to the plain buttons on LE's cardigan.

Brown is lighter IRL
The good thing about the LE Heritage cardigan is its soft, soft, soft fabric and the way its wearing. I throw it in the wash and dryer and it looks and feels brand new every time. It's also quite warm (warmer than Jackie) and I do think it looks cute on. Here is a pic of it unbuttoned and then buttoned - ignore the outfit, it's not what I'd wear the cardigan with but it's what I had on today. Usually I push the sleeves up but I find they stretch out and fall down easily. This is a cardigan that stretches out with wear due to, I assume, it's soft cotton. I don't usually wear it more than once because of that. 

 Essentially, I wouldn't pay full price ($40) for this cardigan. I'd pay the extra $20 for the Jackie due to a PPW calculation. But at 20$, its worth it - especially if you size down and like long sleeves. I'm giving this cardigan a merino or *** rating because although I don't love it, I love the price and I know a lot of people would like it a lot. 

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  1. just stumbled on your review here as i contemplate buying the heritage cardigan on super sale... thank you for the in depth review and comparison to the jackie (also my fav!). it was super helpful!! i think i'll try the heritage out since it's on sale.