Monday, September 27, 2010

J. Crew Final Sale Promos!

Found out this morning that J. Crew is doing another free ship/% off Final Sale promo. You can see the details at J. Crew Aficionada. I'm pretty interested in the 20%/free shipping on $100 - code is SHOPCREW. 

I did a mock check out and my three top items equal $103 with the 20% need to throw in any cheap ride-alongs. If I do bite on final sale, it'll only be on items that have been reviewed in the blogosphere several's not like I have the option to try things on at a B&M, and I find returning things via mail such a friggin PITA that I rarely return anything from US online merchants anyway! I try to only buy basics that have been reviewed a lot, or things I already have a good idea on sizing for. I find cardigans are one such thing - I'm always a medium. If it runs small, well I won't be buttoning it. If it runs large, I'm usually more unhappy, but I will put it in the dryer if its cotton, and if becomes a "borrowed from the boys" look for me. 

Pants are obviously iffier - I have had bad luck with J. Crew pants before. I have 10's that are too big, 10's that fit, 8's that fit and 8's that are too small. Such is life. I'm pretty much always an 8 in pencil skirts...I don't think I actually own a skirt that's not a size 8, from any retailer! Maybe it's an inner thigh problem that accounts for the difference in pant sizes. 

Anyway, without further ado, I bring you my FS J. Crew current shopping cart:

Bettina Cami ($19.99) - Size 8 in Tuscan Olive (here)
I wouldn't pay more than 20$ for the Bettina, because it's a little casual for me, but I don't own anything in Olive, and I think it would be a great fall addition to my wardrobe. And this is cute...and I would probably end up wearing it a lot with a cardi and jeans. 

Rimini Cardigan ($59.99) - Size Medium in Cobblestone (here)
I have wanted this sweater since the catalog. Is there a JCA who doesn't own this item? Or at least tried it on? Didn't think so. Love the cobblestone colour, love the moto-inspired styling. I love it. I've debated on colour...thought about black or black pine but really, I like the beige. It looks to be a nice beige. I'm not worried about sizing on this baby, since it appears to be TTS and in any case, it's not a button-pulling situation, so even if it fits tight, I'll live.

Stretch Double Serge Pencil Skirt ($49.99) - Size 8 in Abyss Blue (here)
I'm really excited about this. I've seen it on a lot of people in the blogosphere and it looks super flattering - waistband looks perfect, and those seams on the back...Wa-BAM! Love the colour there a season I'm not going to be able to wear this in? I'm going to love it with a black blazer for work or cardis to school. I would like the mink as well, but it's no longer around in a size 8. 

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