Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lands End Luxe Down Coat

I've been wanting a down coat for quite a while now, less so for every day, but more for the early morning dog walks and late night dog walks and those particularly bitter winter days in Toronto. My SO is from Manitoba, and last year when I was there over Christmas, it got down to -50 Celsius with the wind chill! I thought I was literally going to die as the breath was sucked from my body...but I survived. I just won't be attempting it again in a wool coat. 

So I bit today on the Lands End Luxe Down Coat - there are only a few hours left of the Lands End Anniversary Sale - 30% off and Free Shipping with code LESHARE30 and PIN 7758! Unfortunately, by now, lots of the Outerwear merchandise is picked over, especially in smaller sizes. 

I picked up the Luxe Down coat in a size medium (there was some serious size questioning on this) but picked the medium in the end because its a long coat. I definitely have much wider hips than anything else, and while I would normally go with a LE small in tops and sweaters, or even in a short jacket, I really don't want this coat to pull over the hips, so I went with the medium. My hip measurements fit right in between the 10 and 12 (medium for LE). The belt should create a waist even if its slightly big, IMO.

I had to go with the spice brown colour because just as I checked out, the gorgeous Arctic Grey got removed from my cart. I can see why the colour is so popular, its gorgeous and different, but I like the brown and it should be easier to keep clean. 

I'll update this with a review when I get the coat but I'm looking forward to it!

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  1. Glad you found the coat you wanted... I walked into Mexx and found mine too!